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CRSG specializes in teaching adults and teens traditional methods of drawing and painting, from beginner to advanced levels. 
We believe that proper technique and training can help students to better achieve their artistic and expressive goals. 
What makes us different is our deep commitment to teaching the technical aspects of creating beautiful artworks.

New studio policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

30 March 2020 - To all present students and new people joining: The studio will be reopening in the coming days. It’s a top priority to protect everyone’s health when they enter into the studio environment. Please read through the following new studio policies which are being followed here in accordance with government guidelines.
Anyone that is sick, or shows signs of recently being sick, is not allowed in the studio. We reserve the right to request people to leave the studio if they present signs of illness. Class fee will be refunded.
Temperature checks are mandatory for each student before they enter the studio space.
Maximum of 9 students per class.
Students need to register for classes before attending.
Students may not share studio tools. They are to use their own materials at this time.
Students must follow safe distancing measures by keeping 1 meter apart. The studio environment will have this clearly marked out between work stations.
In order to help with contact tracing if necessary, all students are required to register their particulars.

The Method

CRSG's method has helped many students in Singapore gain admission to top art schools around the world.

The teaching at the studio is based on the "atelier" method of art education - a centralized curriculum that each student goes through at their own pace. We give you in-depth instruction to help you improve your skills and your ability to achieve your expressive vision. Check out our Blog here.

The Artist

Clayton Hudnall is an American painter and commissioned artist who has lived and worked in Singapore for the past eight years.

He earned his Master’s degree in painting from the New York Academy of Art in New York City and his work is currently represented in private collections in the United States, South America and Europe. Get drawing and painting tips from Clayton here.
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