Month: November 2019

Capturing Expressions in Portraits

The above drawing done here at the studio is a wonderful example of a well drawn face created by a talented aspiring artist. I always tell my students that in learning portraiture, the primary goal of the novice should be to make their picture look plausibly human, which of course hinges on getting proportions correct.

Radiant Light

Here we have a work of art by a student here at the studio focusing on a young girl practising ballet in an interesting lighting situation. The painting does a really great job of conveying a sense of bright sunlight bathing an interior space from the outside. 

Flower Painting

Painting flowers can be an incredibly challenging visual problem to solve for a painter. They exhibit such delicacy and a mix of subtle and saturated colour, that capturing their essence can be elusive.

Value Simplification

Here’s a great example of a student work done from observation here at the studio. The lighting on the cast is quite intriguing in that the features of the face are enveloped in shadow, lending an air of mystery to the representation of the face.

Technique and the young artist

Here at the studio, although most classes are for adults, we do have younger student learners from 11 years old and up. Above is a self-portrait by a talented young student who has gone through our core curriculum. It’s a great job for someone so young!

Planes of the Face

The above is a work completed by a student here at the studio. Done from observation, it is an excellent example of linear precision and careful consideration of proportions, alignment, and tonal mapping. This sculpture is one of the most challenging works to draw here at the studio since there are so many complicated facets …

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