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CRSG specializes in teaching adults and teens traditional methods of drawing and painting, from beginner to advanced levels.
We believe that proper technique and training can help students to better achieve their artistic and expressive goals.
What makes us different is our deep commitment to teaching the technical aspects of creating beautiful artworks.

Come join us at Singapore's premier traditional drawing and painting studio.
All skill levels are welcome here from absolute beginner to advanced.

Krystal YKrystal Y
07:02 09 Jul 21
Clayton is an absolute delight. With his keen eye and strong artistic skill, Clayton provides insightful feedback and possible improvements on your work. With his incredible wit, he maintains an air of approachability.The studio itself is incredibly atmospheric. With warm lighting, the subtle scent of art supplies and the quiet shuffle of fellow artists, just entering the studio gets you ready to paint.This is the perfect studio to turn to if you'd like to hone your artsy skills in a comfortable space!
Cheryse WeeCheryse Wee
18:16 26 Jun 21
I signed up for the 11 lessons package after attending the trial class because I really liked that Clayton went through the basics step-by-step and then gave me time and space to try out the techniques on my own. He’s a really patient teacher and you can tell he knows what he’s doing. Some people can do art but can’t teach well but he’s great at both!Clayton is also really encouraging and is always happy to provide feedback. He does that without making you feel uncomfortable and his personality and humor always helps to lighten the mood too 🙂 As a complete beginner, I felt really reassured and comfortable in his classes.The classes are flexible and you can let him know what you want to learn and he’ll teach you! I wanted to study architecture so he taught be perspective drawing and explained the techniques really well. Each lesson, he would go through the techniques with me and show me a rough example before letting me try it out on my own.If you’re a beginner or you’re learning a new skill, he makes sure that everyone else is settled and has something to do before sitting down with you to teach you.I learnt a lot about perspective drawing and gained confidence in my art skills thanks to him! 🙂 I’d definitely recommend his classes to anyone who wants to learn art or get better at it.
05:18 10 May 21
This is the real deal - for both complete beginners and those more experienced / competent. A wonderful arty, calm, relaxed environment and supportive, technical advice, insight and encouragement by Clayton. Nothing else on offer in Singapore I've experienced comes close. Recommended.
Xiunan JinXiunan Jin
08:23 21 Sep 20
From the first time I entered the studio, I was very sure this is the art studio I have been looking for. Spacious, nice lighting, easels, canvases, plaster casts, “dirty” paint station, brushes, finished and unfinished student works and everything pulled me into the art atmosphere. Actually I just sent my 12 years-old girl to the class. She has learnt at the studio for one and half years, and made great progress so that she could paint big pieces already.A few months ago I decided to attend the class as well although I had zero experience in drawing and painting. During the 3 hours lesson, Clayton closely checks the students’ work. My daughter says that Clayton never “babies” the students. I agree. Clayton never blindly praises the students’ work, but he is very humorous. He always clearly tells you where you do well and where you should improve. He also demonstrates how to do, but he always give the students time and freedom to gain experience by practicing more and pursue own styles. Clayton also encourages students not only do something they like but also bravely try something different.I fully agree with Clayton that one has to learn how to control his brush before creating own artwork. I saw brilliant art pieces painted by some students starting with no experience. Those are talented people, but in general I think one has to be patient and keep long-term strategy in mind if you want to really learn at the studio.If you ever dreamt to make your own artwork, I encourage you come and try. I bet you will love it.
Saurabh JauhariSaurabh Jauhari
04:30 18 Sep 20
Stumbled upon this site when I was looking for a creative outlet and to give some structure to my random ‘artistic creations’. :-). Clayton turned out to be an outstanding teacher. Agreed to teach me from the basics and gave the confidence to continue.He doesn’t push too hard and allowed me to follow my pace and style.. he advices where necessary, instead of being too prescriptive. His knowledge is outstanding and while my interest in hobbies varies from time to time, and I tend to be irregular, he is the person I would go to, to continue my journey with paints and brushes.
jjj nnnjjj nnn
15:32 16 Sep 20
I have been learning drawing with Clayton for more than a year. Clayton is very knowledgeable and at the same time patient in teaching. He guided me through drawing principles and techniques, and he is always willing to share more if I keen to go deep into a certain topic. Over the year, my drawing skills are improving evidently and I am always feeling contented and relaxed after staying this cozy and artistic studio for a pleasant afternoon. Students are all learning in their own paces. I am doing it as a hobby and only attend classes on weekends, and many of other working professionals do the same. There are also middle school students who are preparing for their portfolios.Recently I decided to start learning painting. As expected, Clayton teaches me in a very systematic way from explaining to me principles such as colour values, hues and chroma to teaching me techniques like mixing and then painting colours on canvas. He could always find a balanced approach to let you enjoy doing arts and at the same time improving. I recommend Clayton’s studio to one of my friends who are also looking into developing drawing as a hobby. Glad to know that she feel the same as me that Clayton is nice in person and professional in teaching. I definitely recommend this art studio for all level students!
10:21 16 Sep 20
Clayton is an amazing teacher. Would recommend to all ages and abilities.I had little formal training and just enjoyed sketching. Since attending I have greatly developed my skills and now happily use oils and other mediums for portraits. He is very supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging. Teaching the fundamentals of drawing and painting, loads of tips and experience he is more than happy to share with you.
Janessa SanioJanessa Sanio
06:47 16 Sep 20
I signed up to learn from Clayton because I love this style of learning where I progress at my own pace with no pressure. Clayton explains concepts and techniques that's easy to grasp; letting you tackle it on your ownand coming back to check, correct and advise if you are stuck or need help.The atelier is also possibly my happy place; brightly lit, surrounded by other students quitely working on their art with music playing softly in the background.
A. L.A. L.
13:04 16 Sep 19
Clayton's art studio is located in a nice shophouse in downtown Singapore, and it is a very artistic space by itself, one that induces the flow of artistic energy and creativity, and is very pleasing to be in.I have been to art classes that focuses on teaching techniques, and everyone would just practice the same thing, more or less like a factory producing homogeneous commodities. I am glad in Clayton's studio we can choose what we want to draw and what medium to use.He will not push you towards certain directions, rather he will overwatch each student's progress and gives advice only when its necessary. But if anyone decides to go down with anything, he is always glad to share what he knows, whether its technique or just casual discussion, he will share very solid comments and recommendations, all to help the student grow and expand in art.I like how his class is at a balance between teaching hardcore skills and being loose and free. Inside this space one can retreat for some time from the fast paced living in the city and from those overly commercialised art in its overly commercialised setting.... and to really embrace and enjoy art and at the same time to see the possibilities within oneself.
Deon TanDeon Tan
16:06 01 Nov 17
This review is long-overdue....Excellent teaching in the most comfortable setting one can ever ask for! My son has been with Clayton for almost a year now and his skills have improved tremendously under Clayton's guidance and teaching. Before joining Clayton, he was hardly comfortable with observational drawing but that totally changed after joining the classes. He was inspired and continued to sketch random things from everyday life outside of the classroom setting. I'm also impressed with the number of new artworks (quality pieces) he could produce week after week. In less than six months, he was able to develop a portfolio that was good enough for submission to SOTA. It was a successful application and my son was offered a place in SOTA eventually. Whether you are serious about developing a great portfolio for yourself; a beginner; or a serious amateur artist wanting to develop your skills to yet another level, Clayton is the perfect teacher to go to!

The Method

CRSG's method has helped many students in Singapore gain admission to top art schools around the world.

The teaching at the studio is based on the “atelier” method of art education – a centralized curriculum that each student goes through at their own pace. We give you in-depth instruction to help you improve your skills and your ability to achieve your expressive vision.

The Artist

Clayton Hudnall is an American painter and commissioned artist who has lived and worked in Singapore for the past eight years.

He earned his Master’s degree in painting from the New York Academy of Art in New York City and his work is currently represented in private collections in the United States, South America and Europe. 

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