The Studio

The teaching at the studio is based on the “atelier” method of art education. Meaning, we have a centralized curriculum that each student goes through at their own pace.
At CRSG, we won’t hand you a pencil or brush and tell you to “be creative” without any direction. Instead we give you in-depth instruction based on our centralized curriculum to help you improve your skills and your ability to achieve your expressive vision.

In our art classes for both adults and children (13 years and older), we teach students how to master each medium, explaining basic to advanced concepts in a comprehensive manner.​ Come and join our student body of over 70 students if you would like to learn how to draw and paint beautiful pictures in a realistic style.

Have you ever wanted to paint from natural light? Well, we’ve got a great skylight right here at the studio for that! Come join us and you’ll get the opportunity to capture the incredible subtlety of a naturally lit scene. We’ll give you expert guidance on how to best deal with a naturally lit scene!

The Artist

Clayton Hudnall is an American portrait painter and commissioned artist who is residing in Singapore. He earned his Master’s degree in painting from the New York Academy of Art in New York City and his work is currently represented in private collections in the United States, South America and Europe.
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