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New studio policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

30 March 2020 - To all present students and new people joining: The studio will be reopening in the coming days. It’s a top priority to protect everyone’s health when they enter into the studio environment. Please read through the following new studio policies which are being followed here in accordance with government guidelines.
1. No one that feels unwell is to come to the studio. Anyone that shows signs of illness will not be allowed entry. Anyone that has been sick with any form of cold or flu is not allowed into the studio until they are 100% recovered with no residual signs of illness. The studio reserves the right to ask people to leave if they show signs of illness during the course of a lesson. No fees are charged for the class if this is the case.

2. Temperature checks are mandatory for anyone to enter the space.

3. At present, class size is capped at 9 people, or a total of 10 in the space including the instructor. This is the maximum amount of people gathering allowed by the Singapore government at present. Absolutely no exceptions to this rule for any reason whatsoever

4. From now on, class attendance will need to be booked online via the studio’s new attendance system.

5. Classes with less than 4 people will unfortunately not run, so it will be important to check the class status on the website. There will be a variety of new class timings available, two new evening classes on the weekend, and other daytime slots. Class will take place when a minimum of 4 people book the class.

6. There will be a 5 hour cancellation policy. If a student changes their mind last minute, or fails to show up for a booked class, then there will be a late charge fee deducted from tuition paid. The late cancellation fee is $10. Everyone will have one waiver to this policy for situations in which their last minute absence is for reasons beyond their control.

7. The amount of people in the space is strictly capped at 10. Parents, helpers picking up kids, friends of student attendees, are not permitted in the space if their presence would raise the total number of people here above 10.

8. As dictated by MOH, there will be a 1 meter spacing between work stations, this being clearly marked on the floor of the studio.

9. No studio items are to be shared at the present time. This includes brushes, pencils, paint tubes, erasers etc. Each student will bring their own materials or purchase them at the studio. Purchased items can be left in the studio in a bag marked with the student’s name. Aprons, if provided by the studio, will be used only once per day and then washed for the next day’s lesson.

10. Paint, if provided by the studio will be given to students in a manner which avoids community contact of paint tubes.

11. Students are asked to stay within their own work area and avoid going into the space of others.

12. At the end of every class, each student will use disinfecting cleaner to wipe down surfaces in their space. Disinfecting cleaner will be provided for each spot.

13. During clean up at the end of the class, students will follow the safe distancing measures suggested by the government and not congregate closely together in the bathroom or sink area of the studio.

14. Everyone will be required to fill out a registration form with contact information so that, in the unfortunate event that someone does get sick here, I can provide contact tracing information to MOH.

15. Among the information required, is the name of the school, local or international, attended by any young student, or in the case of parents who attend classes, where their children are enrolled. Employees of schools or universities will be required to do the same. Being that schools are the last venues where large amounts of people are allowed to congregate, the likelihood of them being places where disease transmission occurs is greater than elsewhere. This information is checked daily against MOH listings of known covid-19 hotspots.

16. Students whose workplace is identified as having a covid-19 case are not to come to the studio for a period of two weeks after the case has become known. Any student that is living in an HDB, condo, landed house, that has had a covid-19 case in their building is not to come to the studio for a period of two weeks after this is identified.

17. Before attending the next class, students are required to review all the information above and sign an agreement accepting these new terms. Those that are unwilling to do so are offered a refund for any classes that they’ve already paid for prior to the studio's policy change

Apologies for the strictness of these new rules everyone, they are to protect your health and that of those around you.

See you soon!

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