Work by 12 year old student

Here's a piece by one of my younger students in the Sunday morning kids' class. The kid that painted this is only twelve years old! Pretty amazing. He's been studying at the studio for about a year now. In that time I've probably heard him speak 12 words. He's super shy. But obviously he's a good listener and he's absorbed the method and technical approach in a really great way for someone his age. 

Off to the framers...

Here's another cute kid picture I did ages ago. The client, who is about to leave Singapore, never had it framed and asked if I could do it. I'm not a huge fan of picking out framing, especially since personal taste plays such a big role in choosing the right one. Hopefully I'll be able to match their expectations!

Portrait commission

This is one of the portrait commissions (one of two for the client), that I am currently working on. What's shown here is the "first pass" stage. I'll be going over the whole thing again to refine it, correcting colour and drawing issues along the way. For my portrait commissions, I'm usually called upon to paint cute kids. This girl certainly fits the bill.

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