Colour Studies

Before embarking on painting a picture, it’s an excellent idea to do some preparation to guide the path of creation the work takes. Too often, people dive right into the painting process, attempting to create a finished product without any clear ideas of the artistic obstacles that lie ahead. 


Do you know the difference between all the different kinds of paint brushes that an artist can use to make a painting? Students ask all the time what sort of brush they should be using, so here’s a simplified breakdown. 


Interested in colour? How to mix it, how to match it, how to choose the right paints? At Classical Realism Singapore, we cover colour in an in-depth and comprehensive way. Students learn to navigate their way around their palette without continually mixing mud. 

Wow! Student Work

Check out this picture painted by one of our long term students (done in oil paint). Incredible work. It’s especially impressive when one takes into consideration that the initial drawing for this was done from direct observation, no photo was used.