Portfolio Preparation

The aim of portfolio preparation classes at Classical Realism Singapore is to guide the student in the creation of a body of work which will make a strong impact during the application process to an art school.

Be it SOTA, NAFA, Lasalle, or any other local or foreign school or university, we can help give a student a distinct advantage in their fine arts applications through our expert guidance and understanding of what a school's judging committee is looking for in a portfolio.

We never do the work for the student, but we do give them the tools to create their own original artworks that showcase an understanding of key visual arts concepts.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you gain entrance into your preferred school or university.

Success Stories

We've had two recent success stories come out of the studio.​

The first acknowledgement goes to our student Zamen L., a young guy currently fulfilling his National Service duty. He came to us after being initially rejected last year to NUS. But with our structured guidance he was able to build an impressive portfolio of his work. We're happy to say that he was accepted this year to the prestigious architecture program at NUS.
Our second success story recently involves a young student Sunny D.

She came to us with a dream of attending fashion design school. She didn't want to go to any college though, she wanted to go to London to study at the London College of Fashion Design. Not an easy college to gain entrance into. But we're thrilled to say that she developed a wonderful portfolio and was accepted to the school for the coming year. So exciting!
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