Interested in colour? How to mix it, how to match it, how to choose the right paints? At Classical Realism Singapore, we cover colour in an in-depth and comprehensive way. Students learn to navigate their way around their palette without continually mixing mud. 

Two approaches are used here. The first is the standard “mix the compliments” system that is prevalent in most art schools these days. It certainly is a quick and easy way to get your colour gamut going in your painting. It’s not necessarily the most accurate way to manage colour though.

So for those that are interested, we offer instruction into a second and (in my opinion) much more controllable way to manage colour. That’s through the Munsell system of colour classification. It’s really not that complicated and once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably never want to go back to the standard complimentary colour mixing approach.

Pictured here are two colour wheels that correspond to the classification of colour in each approach. The bottom wobbly looking circle is a colour map using the Munsell approach.

Interested in knowing more? Than get in touch and we can get you on track towards greater colour mastery.

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