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Pastel Drawing

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   In this course, students will learn to create richly colourful artworks with chalk pastels. Our subjects will range from flowers and still life to people animals, and landscape. We will explore: Materials and Tools Variations in the types of chalk pastels. Types of paper used with the medium. Techniques Using blending, …

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Historical Painting Techniques

10 WEEK WORKSHOP   Learn the materials and methods used throughout the history of oil painting. Explore oils, varnishes, pigments, and painting supports as they are used in traditional indirect painting techniques. The class will utilize a variety of oil painting layering methods such as glazing, velaturas, and impastos to achieve different painted effects. Bring …

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Botanical Illustration

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   Over the course of 8 weeks we will study a variety of live plants and flowers and learn to use different mediums to realistically represent their delicate forms. Our subjects will be rendered in full colour using colour pencil techniques and gouache on vellum. Special emphasis will be given to an …

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Portrait Drawing (live model)

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   Designed for artists of all levels, this course focuses on the fundamental techniques, anatomical understanding, and expressive nuance necessary to produce realistic portrait drawings. Students will work with a live model throughout the 8 weeiks.  Through a combination of theory, studio work, and personalized feedback, students will develop the confidence and …

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Portrait Sculpture (live model)

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   In this course students will work with water based clay to create sculptures after a live model. this course is designed for beginner to intermediate students. No experience with sculpture or clay is necessary. Students will learn the fundamentals of sculptural technique, using both hand building and tool use to create …

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Artistic Perspective

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   Learn to use perspective to create sophisticated spacial effects in your pictures. Students will learn a variety of linear perspective techniques using both mathematical and free hand approaches. One, two and three point perspective will be explored. In addition we will cover drawing arches, elipses, inclined planes, shadows and advanced construction …

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Colour Theory

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   This course will provide an in-depth exploration of colour theory aimed at helping artists understand and effectively use colour in their artwork. Students will learn about the principles of colour, harmony, and the efficient navigation of colour space. Exploring both the historical basis of colour theory and modern approaches such as …

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Figure Drawing (live model)

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   Over the course of 8 weeks we will work with a variety of live nude models to investigate the human form with drawing. This course is designed for beginner to intermediate students and will explore all the elements of figure drawing from the ground up. All the steps of the figure …

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Figure Sculpture (live model)

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   Over the course of 8 weeks we will work with a variety of live nude models in order to investigate the human form in three-dimensions through sculpture. This course, designed for beginner and intermediate students, will explore all the elements of the sculpting process using a variety of techniques with both …

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Composition and Design

8 WEEK WORKSHOP   This course will offer students a comprehensive exploration of the principles and techniques of visual arrangement to create compelling works of art. Working with the elements of art and the principles of design, students will put to practical use their gained knowledge to create works of art which convey a sense …

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