New Studio Classes

The studio is pleased to announce a broad offering of new curriculum, designed to help students explore new techniques and mediums.

Join us for in-depth study of a variety of subjects and take your artistic skills to the next level.

Historical Painting Techniques

Explore the materials and methods used throughout the history of oil painting.

Colour Theory

Learn to master the colours on your palette and understand pigments and their use throughout time.

Figure Sculpture

Create figurative sculptures and learn human anatomy using traditional methods of clay construction.

Portrait Sculpture

Work with live models, creating three-dimensional works out of clay.

Botanical Illustration

Learn the techniques of representing plants and flowers accurately with a variety of artistic media.

Portrait Drawing

Work with live models and learn to accurately capture an individual likeness.

Artistic Perspective

Learn the theory and practice of linear perspective to represent architecture and spatial constructions

Composition and Design

Learn the theory and practice behind pictorial arrangement. An essential skill for creating impactful images.


Learn traditional painting techniques, covering materials and process used throughout history.


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