Pastel Drawings

Here are two lovely examples of pastel drawings done by students here at the studio. Pastels offer a chance for people to begin working with colour without using paint. 
The pastels of choice used here are chalk pastels both in stick and pencil form. They offer the best chance to manipulate and blend colour to create sophisticated gradations and colour changes like you see above. 
By their nature, pastels have the ability to use colour that is highly saturated. They can be a challenge to use though. Many times a specific colour a student wants can’t be found amongst the range of pastels on offer and they must experiment with colour combinations to arrive at the colour of their choice. 
Here at the studio, we cover all aspects of how to use pastels to create vividly coloured works of art. From blending, to layering, to choosing the right combinations of colours, everything one might want to know about pastels are covered. Anyone interested in trying out this fascinating medium is encouraged to take a trial lesson here at the studio to experience pastels first hand!

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