Work by 12 year old student

Here’s a piece by one of my younger students in the Sunday morning kids’ class. The kid that painted this is only twelve years old! Pretty amazing. He’s been studying at the studio for about a year now. In that time I’ve probably heard him speak 12 words. He’s super shy. But obviously he’s a good listener and he’s absorbed the method and technical approach in a really great way for someone his age. 

I want to stress that this was done completely from observation. No photos involved. The young student put in the time and effort to get the drawing of this complicated sculpture correct before proceeding to painting. 

I also want to stress that this is 100% his work. That’s really important to make clear. Classical Realism Singapore is not the kind of place where the teacher (me) takes someone’s paintbrush or pencil and “fixes” things and then walks away. People come here to learn how to do things on their own. By sticking to a clear method and proper technical approach students begin to really see improvement in their work.

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